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188bet体育:科技资讯:苹果的全新iPad 六大新特性

2021-01-07 12:54:01

188bet体育:APPLE used to be coy about its upcoming products. The press invitation unveiling of its latest iPad tablet computer depicted a finger pressing a high-resolution touch-screen with the label: We have something you really have to see. And touch. In the event, perhaps the biggest surprise to come out of the presentation by Apples boss, Tim Cook, was that the company is calling the device just iPad and not, as had been expected iPad 3. 苹果总爱对自己的新产品严苛保密。在新的iPad平板电脑发布会上,有一只手指按在一块高分辨率的触摸屏上,旁边还标明着这样一段话:“我们要让你确实去看,去碰”。

也许后来确实让人吃惊的是苹果CEO蒂姆库克意味着把新产品称作“ipad”,而不是人们预期的“iPad3”。 To be sure, the svelte gizmo sports a plethora of improvements over its numbered predecessor, the iPad 2. Its new Retina Display boasts four times as many pixels, close to the limit of human perception, and its four-core graphics processor makes the experience of what was already the smoothest tablet smoother still. Lower-resolution apps, such as those developed for earlier iPads, still look sharp on the new device (each old pixel is translated into four new ones), something rival Android devices, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, struggle with. It also has a better, 5-megapixel camera. But these changes had been much anticipated in the blogospheres techier quarters. 的确,这个纤薄的小玩意相比前辈iPad2具有大量的改良。比如它的“视网膜屏幕”,声称其像素是以往的4倍,已相似人类视觉无限大,而四核图形处理器将为平板带给最简洁的操作者体验。



There was a bit more uncertainty about fourth-generation (4G) mobile connectivity. Here, Apple seems to have dealt with several bugbears of Long Term Evolution (LTE), an increasingly ubiquitous 4G standard capable of faster download rates and more consistent reception. LTE smartphones are often ungainly due to the hefty electronics needed to support it. Apple, famous for its sleek design, could have none of that. The iPads already ample battery has been tweaked so that it matches the ten hours in 3G mode of older models, and lasts fully nine hours with LTE on, while feeding a power-hungrier display. That marks a significant improvement over the smaller LTE devices currently on the market, some of which last only a few hours. 有一点不确认就是新的iPad在4G移动数据的相连能力上,苹果或许在LTE(Long Term Evolution长年演变)上遇上了一点小麻烦,LTE作为4G标准早已初具规模并且在上载和下载速度上都具有较好的展现出。但由于LTE芯片较为可观,所以LTE智能手机经常变得很僵硬,但这当然会经常出现在以时尚设计闻名的苹果身上。

新的iPad还配有了一块强大的电池,这不仅使它在符合更为耗电量的屏幕同时,还能在3G模式下坚决用于10小时(超过了前代的标准),即使在4G模式下也能坚决9小时。这在当前LTE设备市场称得上上一个根本性的突破,因为同类产品不能用于很短时间。 Apple used its buying power and dominant position in the tablet market to hit competitors like Microsoft, whose partners are preparing to launch an array of Windows 8 Metro slates later this year. The new iPad prices havent budged. They start at $499 for a 16-gigabyte Wi-Fi only unit and finish at $829 for a 4G tablet with 64 gigabytes of flash storage. At the same time, Apple is keeping the older iPad 2 on the market for $399 with Wi-Fi and $529 with 3G. 苹果利用其粉丝的购买力和其在平板市场的主导地位给了竞争对手强力一击,比如微软公司,后者打算在年底与合作伙伴发售一系列笔记本电脑Windows 8 Metro界面的平板电脑。

此外,新的iPad的价格并没多达上一代,低于是16G的 Wifi版,499美元起,最低的是64G的4G版,829美元。同时苹果还下调了iPad2的价格,Wifi版399美元,3G版529美元。 Other firms had already been hard-pressed to meet Apples price, battery life and hardware features, let alone its swish operating system, copious media catalogues and the internets biggest app store. With an upgrade at the top of the line and a drop in price for the current bestselling model, the iPad is unlikely to be dethroned any time soon. Apple has every reason to blow its own trumpet. 苹果产品的价格、电池续航时间还有硬件,更加不用说其华丽的操作系统、非常丰富的多媒体资料和仅次于的网上应用于商店,这些都给了其他公司相当大的压力。